Coded for Humans is a not-for-profit organization that aims to help those helping others (NGOs and NFPs) in online contexts such as chat or via social media. Through an academic and practical understanding of human behaviour, and the development of research processes and tools, Coded for Humans aims to enhance and empower support agents in online chat with contextual information derived from language and behavioural cues, in real-time.

Social Challenge

The Alcohol in Europe report estimated alcohol-related costs to society in 2003 at €270 billion, or over 2.6% of GDP. Drug use was estimated at an additional €7.6 billion euros (2010). Reducing the personal, emotional and social cost of substance use disorders is a top priority across the EU.

Increasingly, charitable organisations have been turning to online chat systems to provide consultation and support, advantageous both in the cost-effectiveness of the approach, and in that online chat offers help-seekers a high degree of anonymity and convenience. These systems generate vast amounts of data, that are not natively mined or analysed, despite the presence of valuable latent cues within conversations that could substantially improve the effectiveness of interventions.

Our Solution

Combining data science and research with technology, we provide contextually relevant and impactful information to chat agents within ongoing interventions to analyse language and behaviours in real-time. The data used include dimensions such as what and how the individual communicates, as well as time to respond, time typing and retyping etc., as well as other self-reported demographics data that may indicate elevated risk factors, changes in mood, and whether an intervention is progressing well.

Furthermore, the system provides suggestions for topics or language forms to use, and related documentation (content recommendation) and offers strategies to support the effectiveness of the intervention.

For more information about our work and how you can get involved, contact us.