Human-Centred AI Solutions through Research and by Design

Where the convergence of human potential and technology opens new doors of possibilities. At Coded For Humans, we believe in empowering individuals to take control of their lives through science and technology, making informed choices and shaping their own destinies.

Featured Projects

Feature Project One


Academic Co-Pilot for Learning Excellence

Simplifying learning, research, and reporting in academia through the EdWard Suite, which includes EdWard Search and Cite and EdWard Reader. Our vision is for EdWard to be the comprehensive digital assistant for learners, teachers, and educational institutions, integrating human computation, machine learning, and behavioural insights.

Feature Project Two


Bridging the Gap to Equitable Opportunities

Research and development for inclusive, transparent, and equitable hiring solutions. Developing CVility to make equitable opportunities operationally affordable and measurable for companies and candidates.

Featured Project Three


Where AI Meets Master Sommeliers

In collaboration with master sommeliers and distributors, we’re developing Vyn, an AI sommelier. With their expertise, Vyn learns from vast datasets to provide unwavering recommendations. Continuously updating, it optimizes wine trends, reorders, and introduces new selections. Vyn’s insights promise to reshape wine business dynamics, offering a more inclusive, efficient, and personalized service era.

The latest in behavioural science research underpins all of our work — guiding both the narrative design and function of our projects.

Technical skills with a focus on solving human problems

Coded for Humans is a consultancy and advisory firm specializing in process modelling, technology integration, data science, and human-centric design. We develop impactful solutions with minimal user and administrator effort, supported by empirical measurement.

Narrative Design

We use narrative design to create engaging user experiences, making products more relatable and memorable. Storytelling simplifies complex concepts, aiding in user understanding. Additionally, narratives drive emotional connections, fostering brand loyalty. 


Our goal is to simplify complex processes and make advanced technologies available to a wider audience.

Bespoke AI Learning Models

We test numerous models against a stringent, tailored KPI matrix to optimise to your needs

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