Coding for Humans

At coded for humans, we want to help every human take control of their lives and their own mental software, digitally augmented by science and technologies that facilitate optimal choices and decisions, by design.

{coded for humans} is a think tank, technology advisory, and bespoke solution provider, leading the management of innovative, impact driven technology solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. An adaptable, and scalable CTO and R&D office for hire, our mission is to maximise your impact whilst minimising your effort through the optimisation of decision-making at scale. To do this we employ cutting edge research from behavioural and computer sciences (e.g. GPT, and intelligent automation), to enable the development of cyber-human systems powered by artifical AND human intelligence.

We design and bring to life products that help people and companies both track and change the way people think, behave and act. Our E2E services and support solution IRIS, seeks to develop Intelligent Real-time Information Systems for any content or challenge. 

Next level you: Bespoke AI

IRIS insights, is a full service solution, from research to design and implementation, following a holistic approach to cyber-human interactions, and automatic insights generation, applying and managing the training and implementation of the latest technologies (e.g. GPT, BLOOM and co.) to your business challenges. Most importantly, IRIS-based systems learn and extend your own ability to think, process information, and make better-informed decisions, providing information and insights coded for humans; coded for you. Systems developed using our IRIS processes and technology range from simple integrations, to full bespoke app development. Our services include research and modelling for business challenges (including causal modelling), development of solutions tailored to your landscape and systems, and management of systems.  

Research Driven

IRIS combines proven techniques to optimise performance and minimise cognitive errors, with a focus on causal modelling techniques rather than simple descriptive, correlational or predictive methods alone. Our approach addresses the absence of diagnostic analytics in most research designs, building research reports and studies that help you to explain the “why” as well as the “what next”.  Make decisions you can explain, that are robustly targeted, rather than just trusting the machine.

As the classic archer’s metaphor illustrates, biases, regardless of the variance, are systematic errors of the mind. Similarly, variance can be caused by a range of environmental limitations such as poor quality data, or insufficient time to think a problem through. IRIS minimises variance by automating the gathering and processing of data in the context of your work, while employing powerful and proven de-biasing techniques automatically.