Introducing IRIS

Intelligent Real-time Information System

For too long, humans have been at the mercy of their own minds, heckled by heuristics and beaten by biases, masquerading as insightful intuitions, and tricks of the trade. At coded for humans, we want to help every human take control of their lives and their own mental software, digitally augmented by science and technologies that facilitate optimal choices and decisions, by design.

Next level you

IRIS Insights is both a set of processes and services and software that can be used to extend and enhance your existing online workplace with contextually relevant and powerful insights, to help you make better decisions, reliably and with minimal cognitive effort.

IRIS Insights can be applied to any knowledge-based scenario and is extensible and adaptive and can be used to extend any web-based platform or website, whether Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Instagram, WhatApp or your chosen news and entertainment sites. Indeed, if it can be viewed in a browser, IRIS can augment it. Most importantly, IRIS learns and extends your own ability to think, process information, and make better-informed decisions, providing information and insights coded for humans; coded for you. IRIS is software for your brain: think brainware.

Research Driven

IRIS combines proven techniques to optimise performance and minimise cognitive errors, in a way that is as effortless as sending your bank account details to a hacker, and not sending them (because IRIS flagged the mail and made sure before you could send anything, that you really, really wanted to — except, when you thought about it you realised it might be better to save it for your daughter’s college fund…or the latest VR rig).

As the classic archer’s metaphor illustrates, biases, regardless of the variance, are systematic errors of the mind. Similarly, variance can be caused by a range of environmental limitations such as poor quality data, or insufficient time to think a problem through. IRIS minimises variance by automating the gathering and processing of data in the context of your work, while employing powerful and proven de-biasing techniques automatically.



The IRIS platform is adaptive, that means, it adjusts to how you work, dynamically and based on data. Every notification clicked or ignored, tells IRIS something about your preferences, and helps the system learn from you.


As the main application is always the platform you are using, IRIS is extended by “lenses”; small micro-apps that provide additional context and effectively augment the main app. As they say, if you can imagine it, there’s probably a lens for that.

Device as Data Vault

IRIS is designed to ensure your data is locally processed and only the statistical results are shared with us for tuning and continuous improvements. That means, no personally identifiable data ever leaves your device. We use a combination of techniques such as federated learning, encryption and blockchain, meaning our security is as safe as (or safer than) online banking.