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At Coded for Humans, we redefine problem-solving by seamlessly merging empirical precision with the artistry of narrative design. Our approach is anchored in decades of experience, integrating design thinking, gamification research, behavioural science and more. 



Introducing the EdWard Suite, revolutionizing academia with simplified learning, research, and reporting. EdWard includes EdWard Search and Cite and EdWard Reader, aiming to be the ultimate digital assistant for learners, teachers, and institutions. It combines human computation, machine learning, and behavioral insights.

Experience the convenience of EdWard Search and Cite, a FREE mobile-friendly website and browser extension. It integrates seamlessly with Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox, offering an elegant mobile browsing experience. Easily search Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, and CORE all at once. Save, share, cite, rate, and download PDFs, streamlining research like never before.

EdWard Search and Cite is just the start of our transformative vision, making academic life effortless. Join us for free and shape the future.

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<CVility: Bridging the Gap to Equitable Opportunities>


CVility embodies a pioneering arm of research and development committed to forging pathways for genuinely inclusive, transparent, and fair hiring practices. While opportunity naturally fluctuates in sync with candidates’ pertinent skills and experience, our focus on equitable opportunity underscores a process characterized by both impartiality and clarity—a process that steers clear of arbitrary differentiators unrelated to the specific role at hand.

Presently, we’re engrossed in a dynamic research and development endeavor aimed at ushering in a groundbreaking solution. Our mission is to render operational affordability and empirical measurability to the realm of equitable opportunities for companies. This transformative initiative bears the name CVility and holds a twofold promise: elevating the experiences of both job applicants and recruiters with innovative solutions tailored for each.



IRIS stands for Intelligent Real-time Information Systems, bringing relevant insights to people when they need them. IRIS includes a detailed program management blueprint for narrative design and the development of truly intelligent automation scenarios, combining information design, causal analysis and behavioural insights to minimize the effort required to make high-quality decisions.

IRIS understands biases and variance as systematic errors. Environmental limitations like poor data quality or time constraints can lead to variance. IRIS addresses this by automating data gathering, processing, and employing debiasing techniques, minimizing variance and optimizing performance.


  • simple integrations
  • bespoke app development
  • tailored research
  • causal modelling for business challenges
  • system management
Iris. Intelligent Real-Time Information System

IRIS cuts through biases and variance, automating data processing while debunking cognitive errors for enhanced decision-making.

Wine and Technology
<Vyn: Where Ai Meets Master Sommeliers>


Human sommeliers, while highly trained and skilled, are subject to variability in perception and judgment due to a range of factors. We are developing Vyn, a personal AI sommelier together with master sommeliers and distributors. Trained in vast datasets, and designed to provide consistent and objective recommendations, Vyn will continuously learn and update its database, accommodating new wines and vintages in real-time. The data generated by Vyn will help optimize various aspects of the business from anticipating which wines are likely to be popular in the coming months, suggesting reorders, and even proposing new wines to introduce based on current trends. Vyn has the potential to reshape the wine industry’s understanding of service, selection, and customer interaction. Through our exploration of the potential benefits and implications of AI sommeliers, we believe our work will pave the way for a new era of wine service that is more accessible, efficient, and personalised than ever before.

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